I still see myself dancing in the streets.

What makes us special as a hostel? Last weekend, one of the guests, who was travelling with his buddies, told me how he felt lucky getting to know C’est la Vie already four years ago. “An accommodation like this, we will not find again”. Of course, I instantly thanked him for this lovely comment and mentioned that we are extremely happy that they found us. We hope to enjoy their presence for the next decades.


Besides this review, you might wonder why we decided to also offer hostel rooms for smaller groups and individuals. So far, it wasn’t possible to fill C’est la Vie completely with groups during the year. Since it would be almost a shame not to invite more guests, we wanted to offer the maximum amount of guests the Hasliberg experience. Thereby, the building turned out to be highly suitable. The reason why I believe I can make this statement is because I myself had the opportunity to travel quite a bit around the world. For example, my three months trip to Australia when I was 18 years old. It was there where I found out how amazing the concept of hostels is. I still see myself dancing in the streets with my four dorm mates, who I just met that night. What made it attractive? The fact that you can be yourself; no matter where you are from and how rich you might be. This is exactly the feedback we received from our guests as welcome. It results in guests who feel comfortable and, therefore, can enjoy their stay.


Also after this example, I gained hostel experience. For the past 15 years, when Johan and I went travelling, we made the following deal: halve of the nights in the most expensive room in the cities five star hotel, halve the nights in the cheapest room the city had to offer (preferable in a hostel). That diversity. We love it! That is what we hope to transfer to our guests as well. All of this makes that we think it is important to use C’est la Vie as hostel when it is not fully booked by groups.

This leaves us with the last purpose of the C’est la Vie building: a guesthouse. As you might know, we live on the Hasliberg, which ís the place to be for families and kids. This is ‘proved’ by the several awards the Hasliberg got for being an extremely suitable location for families with kids. We are proud to have C’est la Vie on this beautiful mountain! The multiple play grounds and the accommodation next to the cable car, turns C’est La Vie into one of the most child friendly Swiss mountain happenings you might ever experience.


That brings us to the term Guesthouse. We use this to comfort that guests that do not particularly like the term ‘hostel’. This is mostly related to the negative imagine a hostel can evoke. Some might associate hostels with drinking, drugs using youngsters and/or hippy parents that try to avoid the fact that are turning old. We have experienced dozens of hostel guests. And believe me, they were nothing like the description priory given. We really try hard to fight the cliché. And if using another term works to comfort are guests, who otherwise might not have given C’est la Vie the chance to prove wrong, we do. Also, your comments and reviews are extremely valuable.                                                                                       

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