Is blogging a must?


Is blogging a must for every website these days?

With this thought in mind, I reconsidered the online article I have read before. Is this true? Do I need to hire somebody to write blogs? A blog: what does it actually mean? Can I not do that myself? I will sleep on it.

Exactly six months and a course ‘How to blog?’ later, I decided to create the blogs myself. You? Yes, me. Artina van Es: Johan’s wife, owner of C’est la Vie and mother of three kids.

I would like to show you our Guesthouse C’est la Vie. When I enter, the warmth is welcoming me. Outside it is minus 3 degrees, while inside it at least 22 degrees. I take a look around. It doesn’t appear very luxurious, but I do get the idea that somebody took care of the interior. The roses on the reception desk and the modern calendar at the entrance reveal this.


I continue my walk, take a cup of coffee from the machine and take a cozy seat on the couch in the hostel living room. This is exactly the place to be for thinking about my next blog.

EXTRA Klein kuchen

I wish you all a nice day!

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