Group accommodation, hostel or Guesthouse?

C’est la Vie on the Hasliberg: group accommodation, hostel or guesthouse?

You might have noticed that we promote C’est la Vie in these three different ways. That might makes you wonder what we are exactly.


Let’s start with why we consider ourselves a group accommodation. C’est la Vie offers 135 beds and is specialized in hosting groups. You might wonder what kind of groups. Well, it is easy to state: all groups. We had the pleasure to receive Thai groups, who like to eat sitting down on a mat. As well as associations who installed their subwoofers and turned C’est la Vie into a discotheque during the night. besides, Skiclub  and school trips, where students happily enjoyed being out of their parental guardianship (and the teachers enjoyed being on holiday as well) enjoyed their stay in C’est la Vie. Also Christian groups that gathered to develop and strengthen their religion and faith have experienced how suitable C’est la Vie can be. And let’s not forget the groups who used C’est la Vie for weddings and business seminars. Large groups (90-140 persons) and multiple small group (5-50 persons). We all had it.


Why we love offering these diverse groups an accommodation? Well, in groups people bound and enjoy each other’s company.

Nevertheless, we would be nowhere without the organisational talent of the group leaders. They are indispensable.

We distinguish ourselves from other group accommodations by offering multiple double bed rooms in C’est la Vie. This is in contrast to our fellow group accommodation colleagues who (only) provide dorms with more beds. The privacy we offer through the double rooms, make our guest feel more comfortable. Let’s face it: you might not wish to share your room with all your (slightly odd) colleagues. Thereby, your boss might have higher standards than sharing a room, while being used to a luxurious holiday in the Hiltons. And what about the fear that your kids are making one big mess or keeping everybody out their sleep?

DSC_0192 Kopie

Several times, I have been strolling passed the parking places, realizing how great it is that everybody can feel at home here. I remember myself asking Johan once what the remarkable number plate of one of the guests meant. It turned out to be the vehicle of a diplomat. Love to see that everyone can be feel home at C’est la Vie!

I build in a little cliff hanger here, because only next time I will explain the ‘hostel and guesthouse side’ of C’est la Vie.



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