Best place ever to get married!

Romantic, adventerous and different. That is exactly what marrying in these beautiful mountains is like. We had the pleasure to have several weddings here in C’est la Vie. It was awesome to watch!


Exactly nine years ago, I celebrated my own wedding on the Hasliberg. A great experience! Often, I tell people that I would like to get married again. No, don’t get me wrong. Of course it would be with Johan. But just to revive the experience. Nevertheless, I agree: it would be slightly easier to throw a big party soon and celebrate that we are happily married for nine year already.

Why marrying on the Hasliberg is guaranteed to be a success?

If you decide to rent C’est la Vie, you will have the possibility to host 135 wedding guests. You can even give them the opportunity to stay for the night. How great to be able to offer this, and not have to send your guest home! They get to chance to have the catchy evaluation the next morning about how magnificent the bride looked and how that one guest was able to drink to much.

DSC_0192 Kopie

Thereby, to be so connected with nature, makes you taste the love. Hasliberg offers you such a beautiful and rustic surrounding. It makes you aware of the beauty of live. C’est la Vie!

Having your wedding here is not seasonal dependent. In the summer, as well as during the snowy winters, you can easily organise activities for your guest. Who doesn’t want to go skiing, mountain biking or enjoy a lovely hike? Your unforgettable wedding day(s) will be remembered by everyone; and will for sure not be labeled as ‘boring’.385233_680700758484_156179393_n

Let’s not forget to mention that in C’est la Vie you can arrange your own meals; just the way you like. For example, you can decide to outsource the food arrangements to a Hasliberg restaurant or friendly ask friends to prepare the dinner. Once, we had a bridal couple who organised a giant barbecue in C’est La Vie. Whole chickens were roasted. Believe me: an absolute success for men. Even now, Johan is talking about it. In short, you can regulate your budget whereby the sky is the limit!


Besides the wide range in food options, you also get the freedom to arrange the decorations the way you like. You can turn C’est la Vie into the dream location you had in mind. Thereby, the very picturesque church on the Hasliberg will complete your ultimate wedding imaginations. The Hasliberg wedding package is complete with the amazing pictures you will make here.

There is no doubt about it: the Hasliberg is the place to be when you wish an extra unforgettable wedding…even when you have a limited budget. Who isn’t up for this?



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