The Haslital is known for its beautiful natue miracles and pearls of beauty!

The Haslital is known for its beautiful natue miracles and pearls of beauty!


Especially in Spring it is an adventure to visite the Waterfalls, because in spring the waterfalls have a lot of water. Combined with a perfectly sunny wheather they look fabulous. In the spring I always feel the energy that unfolds in nature. I love to be part of it! I let this energy activate myself! Maybe you will make this experience too. In the Summer it’s nice to visit the Waterfalls because it will fresh you up!

In this Blog I will tell you about my 2 favorite Water places in the Region from C’est la Vie.

The first one is the Rosenlaui gorge.

There is a way from meiringen that goes up to the Rosenlaui gorge so you can come there by car. There is enough place to park your car near the entree of the Gorge. If you don’t have a car, you can go by bus. The Bus will bring you close to the entree as well. The bus is a good way to travel for your group as well and the bus-route in to the Rosenlaui area is worth it to drive through. 
The bus price is 50 CHF retour way. on the following link you can check the time schedule On the link you can also find an opportunity to go by foot or to go by bike to the Rosenlaui Area


In the gorge they made a romantic good walkable way! You will pass the watterfalls, great holes and big stones who are beautiful created by nature.

You will feel the power of the water which moves and find his own way in this well created area. It is a great adventure to do with the whole family. The road through the Rosenlaui gorge is really save and well made so you can walk also with the little ones. it will take you a little bit longer but meanwhile you can enjoy the impressive surrounding. We did this walk many times also with our 2 years old doughter. Who is almost 4 years now by the way.

The route will cost you 45 minutes by walking.You can not go through the gorge with a wheelchair or a child buggy.

It is good to take some water with you and something small to eat so you can take a little rest to relax on your way. All in all it will take you more than one hour to come through the gorge. At the beginning and the end of the Gorge you have a little tiny store where you can taste specialties from the Haslitaler Culture. You can also find  some history books and get some good drinks. You can buy postcards here and send them directly. The kids will have fun and the one who will get the postcard as well.

The Rosenlaui gorge has opened every day from the 20th of may till the 22th of October.

The entree of the gorge is 8Chf for Adults and 4 CHF for Kids. For groups they have special prices.

You can check this information on their site.

And of course it is a perfect idea to do this trip combined with a reservation in C’est la Vie on the Hasliberg to have some great days in the mountains. An overnight stay will cost you +_ 40 CHF p.p.p.n. We have special groups prices.

In my next blog I will write about my second Favorite Miracle of Nature in our surrounding.

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